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Our goal at Nutritious & Delicious is to reduce the time and remove the stress of organizing healthy eating for the long term. Our clients are people who want long term physical and mental health.

As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™, I work one on one with you to tailor a healthy nutritious lifestyle plan for you and/or your family. All of us have unique likes and dislikes, and I guide you by recommending nutritious ingredients to help you make your favourite meals even healthier.

How are we different? At Nutritious & Delicious, we don’t provide ready made meal plans for our customers. One size doesn’t fit all. First, we spend the time getting to know you and/or your family’s needs. If we don’t do that, our meal plans aren’t going to work for you. We want you to love the food you prepare and eat. Our plans need to work with your lifestyle so you are set up for success.

We want to help you live longer and healthier, to be happy with your body and to take charge of the choices you make with the foods you eat. Whether you are eating a meal at home, in a restaurant, during a holiday season or while traveling, we give you the information you need to make the right choices.

Meet Our Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™

  • Bethany Gettis C.H.N.Certified
    Holistic Nutritional Consultant™

Since 2008, I’ve worked in the healthcare sector as a Licensed Practical Nurse. I understand what it’s like to struggle with food choices and to feel hopeless because I didn’t know how to eat differently – as a teenager, I struggled with my weight. In my nursing practice, I saw a huge deficit in the area of weight management and food information which led me to return to school and earn my diploma in Natural Nutrition from CSNN in 2010, with accompanying C.H.N designation.

Over several years, I counselled individuals and led group consultations. During this time, I realized that many people didn’t have the time to plan for food due to life circumstances, lack of education or misinformation about food labels and healthy food choices. I also saw strict dieting programs leading to all or nothing thinking—diets just do not work to keep weight off permanently. Special events such as Christmas, birthdays, holidays and even periods of long working hours can sabotage the best of intentions.

One less thing to worry about on a daily basis

I’m a busy mother of two young boys. Because I have a meal plan in place for my family, that’s one less thing I have to worry about everyday.


What Customers Are Saying

Thank you Bethany for putting together a great plan for my particular problem. I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease so eating in and out has become a big challenge for me, Bethany managed to put together a shopping list with things that I liked to eat so nothing was banned (only wheat etc of course) and even made me a shopping list to help me. She also gave me lots of other useful advice that could maintain my blood sugars and stop me buying fast food, in other words to be prepared instead of finding myself hungry with no snacks on standby etc. She even made up recipes for me to try. I fully recommend that Bethany do anyone a plan for their lifestyle whatever the problem, mine was a challenging one and she rose to the challenge! Thank you Bethany.
Dalemead, AB
I recently signed up with Bethany at nutritious and delicious and am very pleased with the results. Bethany did a full, detailed analysis of my lifestyle, day-to-day activities, and food intake. I always had issues with my weight and energy and I knew I wasn't eating copious amounts of bad food and I was exercising 3x/week. Bethany determined that I was actually eating too little (shocking) and that key vitamins and minerals were missing from my diet which explained why I was feeling the way I was. Bethany made up a detailed meal plan for me which left nothing out. It was tailored to the exact calories I needed to consume to achieve my goals, and fulfilled the daily vitamin and mineral requirement. She also made up a detailed, easy to follow shopping list. The list was broken down the way you would find the items in the grocery store so there would be no back and forth. Bethany's list had recommendations for brands of food, but she explained that if you had a favorite brand you can use it as long as you made sure you were keeping in line with the amount of calories and fat in the meal plan. The meal plan and grocery list also correlated to Bethany's recipe guide that was included in her book. The recipes were easy to follow, quick to make and DELICIOUS. Even my husband likes the food. So far, a week following the plan and I feel I have more energy, feel fitter and have a better sense of wellbeing. Highly recommend!
Calgary, AB
When having a nutritional assessment done with Bethany, the first thing I noticed was her great attention to detail. She has designed very thorough history forms for all of her clients to fill out. This not only includes questions about eating habits but medical history as well. I feel Bethany’s experience in the nursing profession gives her an advantage over others in the nutrition industry because she possesses strong assessment skills and she is able to anticipate medical issues that may create obstacles for achieving a client’s goals. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition which is obvious when you sit down and talk with her. I also quite enjoyed the finished product that was given to me after the assessment was complete. This was in the form of a binder detailing the assessment and plan for the future to help achieve my dietary health and nutrition goals. I would recommend Bethany to anyone who is looking for a customized, thorough and realistic plan to improve their overall level of nutrition through dietary coaching and education.
Airdrie, AB
Bethany's vast experience and knowledge in the field of nutrition is definitely apparent when I started to work with her. She made me feel extremely comfortable and at home when talking with her which was very important to me. Her meal plans as well as recipe ideas were so helpful and most importantly, kept me healthy and worked. She is always available to me whenever I have a quick question which I feel a lot of other nutritionists are lacking. She gives you her full attention and makes you feel special. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to live a happier and healthier lifestyle, she really is the best of the best 🙂
Calgary, AB
In four weeks, I've lost 10.5 pounds! If this last month didn't drill into my brain how much diet has to do with your weight, I don't know what will! I thought with my background in fitness and kinesiology that losing the baby weight would be a breeze. What I didn't expect was for my eating to get so out of control and not having the discipline to shape up. Until I worked with Bethany at Nutritious & Delicious! It wasn't always the easiest, I had a Wendy's episode one day, but with Bethany's help and recipes I was able to reset my eating habits. My biggest reset was getting real about portion sizes. How many of you had to stay at the table until you finished your plate? I did! Did you also have a Grandma whose feelings were hurt if you didn't take seconds? I did! This meal plan like this helped show me how much food I actually need to feel full and fuel my body.
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Calgary, AB

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