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What is your main goal? Are you a stressed out parent needing some support about time management, struggling with what to feed the family for dinner? Haven’t been able to get back into your clothes lately? We can help.

Bethany is a well sought out global Nutritional Consultant. Having been a nurse in the diet industry for many years, if anyone knows how to lose weight, stay motivated and lead other busy moms it’s her.

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Vegetarian / Vegan

Frustrated with the limited options for vegan or vegetarian diets? Are you conscious about what foods you currently eat or about eating meat? New vegan or vegetarian looking for healthy options and correct portion control to keep your weight in check?

Our plans are based on weight maintenance + rich nutrients in the form of healthy carbohydrates, lots of juicy produce and different varieties of brands for your proteins. Prefer certain products—we can experiment and see what best suits you.

Get our tasty recipes to add to your growing meal plan. Being vegan or vegetarian doesn’t have to be hard—customized recipes allow you to enjoy a varied and delicious diet.

Detox quick / weight loss

Want to lose some weight after the holidays? Want to get back into smaller clothes for the summer or going to be in a bathing suit soon? Have an important life event? Need to clear your body of toxins? This plan is for you.

Our 21 day detox plan is full of fresh, wholesome produce. Only minimal alterations for allergies or sensitivities is granted, as it is designed to help encourage fat loss and increase vital energy within. The first two weeks are geared at lowering your overall calories while providing the body with as many nutrients as possible using the freshest, juiciest foods.

Women are allocated 1200 calories in the first two weeks followed by 1300 calories in the third week by increasing food variety and providing more carbohydrate substance. Men are allocated 1600 calories for the first two weeks, followed by an increase the third week with 1700 calories. Because of the lowered caloric intake, your energy levels are affected. Only light workouts are recommended during the first two weeks— light yoga, walks and meditations.

Weight loss / long term

Serious about losing weight and want to keep it off for good? This is your plan. Customized weight loss meal plans for your food preferences and any allergies or sensitivities. We customize your calorie intake and ease you into the program as we start to create a new healthy lifestyle for you.

We find lower calorie options of what you crave, but choices that are healthier, fresher and more substantial. This plan can be a starting point on your journey to a healthier new you for the long term.

Picky Eaters / (Adolescents):

Are you a teenager, or the parent of an adolescent, who doesn't know what to eat, or how much for a growing body? Are you confused about all the hype on carbs and fats these days? Do you not have a great appetite or crave a lot of junk foods? Do you constantly feel tired and wish you could feel more energized to do the activities you want to do? We have created a meal plan for that family member who doesn't like what everyone else eats.

We have some interesting, hearty recipes the whole family can enjoy. We first find out what you (or your teenager) likes and dislikes about food, then we can customize a meal plan catered to those needs. Based on current activity levels, growing needs, gender and height, we calculate the average daily calorie consumption and then design a plan. This will help fussy eaters to be proactive in their own health and wellness for the long term.

Gluten free

Have you been diagnosed with celiac disease and don't know what you can safely eat? Or are you trying to avoid wheat products because of symptoms you’ve been experiencing? This meal plan will help those of you, new and accustomed to this issue, with finding healthy and tasty options in the regular grocery aisle.

With correct label reading, being adventurous and trying something new, and education about certain restaurants and places to avoid, we can work together to make this an easier lifestyle for you.

Delicious gluten-free recipes are available. We take into account your calorie needs and then pick what you like, or have tried, and invite some more interesting options into your meal plan book.

Lactose intolerant

Have you been trying to avoid using dairy products? Do you feel they contribute to your low energy, breakouts, sinus problems or a sour smell? If you want to find better alternatives look no further.

We can assess which brands and substitutes best suit you. We fill your diet with lots of fresh, wholesome produce to help rid your body of the toxins and give your vitality back.

Lactose free recipes are also available. If certain brands don’t suit you, we can always switch and find the right one that appeal to your taste buds. We recommend being open to experimenting as there are some tasty treats available.

Heart health and sustained energy

Has your bad cholesterol increased over the years? Do you need a plan to keep your blood sugars stable throughout the day without having energy crashes?

We have a few different meal plans that we can customize to you and your needs. To sustain your blood sugars our meal plan has balanced fat and protein ratios while keeping healthy fibrous carbs a part of your everyday plan. Eating every few hours is critical to this plan to keep your energy sustained so you are able to go about your day with more ease.

Heart healthy includes much more fresh produce and lowering the saturated animal fats to a minimum. This plan focuses on lean poultry meats and more of a seafood diet to help lower your bad cholesterol over time.

Athletic training or building muscle

Are you putting lots of focus and energy into your workouts, but not getting much results back in the form of muscle growth? It’s true. Abs come from the kitchen, so let me show you how with a meal plan that is right for you. We will take into account how much exercise you currently do, what type of exercise—whether it be aerobic or weight lifting and your calorie needs. We then create a balanced macro ratio for you to follow.

The meal plan will put an emphasis on increasing your protein consumption while finding healthy forms of carbohydrates for you to lift heavier, or extend your aerobic activity levels. We can also incorporate a cheat meal once a week, depending on how strict you want your plan to be.

Lifestyle changes

Are you bored with what you are eating, day in and day out? We are typically creatures of habit so we generally don't go outside of the box to find new ways to eat.

If you want to spice up your palate, would like to start eating more organic foods with less pesticides and hormones, let’s get to work. Our meals plans are focused on the Mediterranean and Paleo lifestyle which incorporate many more healthy fats while balancing the protein and carb ratios.

The meal plan focuses on healthy legumes and beans along with lots of fresh fruit, veggies and plenty of fresh fish and healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, and olive oil. This is a sensible plan for someone looking to maintain their weight while creating a new twist to how they currently eat.

Change Your Life, One Step At A Time!

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Information is key

  • Whoever said that healthy food can’t be tasty? Leave the planning to us. At Nutritious & Delicious, we take the work out of meal planning for you with recommendations that will have you looking forward to breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Age slowly and gracefully. Vitality + healthy skin, nails and teeth are just some of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.
  • At Nutritious & Delicious, we don’t believe in one fix for everyone. That’s why diets don’t work. It’s essential to balance your meals with your weight and your metabolism.

Yummy Recipes

Here are just a few of the tantalizing flavours we can introduce to your palate……

Read for yourself some of the dramatic results we have created for our clients.

Fried Egg & Feta Sandwich

Protein Pancakes (GF)

Heaven In A Bar (GF)(DF)

Tropical Kale Storm Smoothie (DF)(GF)(VG)

Crockpot Pork Chili

Swiss Turkey Burgers

Baked Candied Salmon(GF)(DF)

Berry Hot Cereal (GF)(DF)(VG)

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What Customers Are Saying

Thank you Bethany for putting together a great plan for my particular problem. I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease so eating in and out has become a big challenge for me, Bethany managed to put together a shopping list with things that I liked to eat so nothing was banned (only wheat etc of course) and even made me a shopping list to help me. She also gave me lots of other useful advice that could maintain my blood sugars and stop me buying fast food, in other words to be prepared instead of finding myself hungry with no snacks on standby etc. She even made up recipes for me to try. I fully recommend that Bethany do anyone a plan for their lifestyle whatever the problem, mine was a challenging one and she rose to the challenge! Thank you Bethany.
Dalemead, AB
Bethany is so committed to giving her clients the best! Her attention to detail and flexibility to everyone's lifestyle and needs she works with is unlike anything I have ever seen. She's kind, a wonderful listener, and so supportive while also being bold enough to ask you the tough questions and get you where you want to go in your health journey. She is truly amazing at what she does and someone I am grateful to know and work with to achieve my goals!


Justine, Mom of 2


When having a nutritional assessment done with Bethany, the first thing I noticed was her great attention to detail. She has designed very thorough history forms for all of her clients to fill out. This not only includes questions about eating habits but medical history as well. I feel Bethany’s experience in the nursing profession gives her an advantage over others in the nutrition industry because she possesses strong assessment skills and she is able to anticipate medical issues that may create obstacles for achieving a client’s goals. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition which is obvious when you sit down and talk with her. I also quite enjoyed the finished product that was given to me after the assessment was complete. This was in the form of a binder detailing the assessment and plan for the future to help achieve my dietary health and nutrition goals. I would recommend Bethany to anyone who is looking for a customized, thorough and realistic plan to improve their overall level of nutrition through dietary coaching and education.
Airdrie, AB
I can't tell you how much I love this program. The accountability calls alone are worth every cent, never mind all the amazing extra stuff you get. Bethany has given me so many helpful tips to help change my eating habits that I've never heard anywhere else. Best of all, the kids love the food to. Not having to cook separate meals for everyone makes life so much easier.
Michelle, Mom of 2
In four weeks, I've lost 10.5 pounds! If this last month didn't drill into my brain how much diet has to do with your weight, I don't know what will! I thought with my background in fitness and kinesiology that losing the baby weight would be a breeze. What I didn't expect was for my eating to get so out of control and not having the discipline to shape up. Until I worked with Bethany at Nutritious & Delicious! It wasn't always the easiest, I had a Wendy's episode one day, but with Bethany's help and recipes I was able to reset my eating habits. My biggest reset was getting real about portion sizes. How many of you had to stay at the table until you finished your plate? I did! Did you also have a Grandma whose feelings were hurt if you didn't take seconds? I did! This meal plan like this helped show me how much food I actually need to feel full and fuel my body.
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Rachel, Mom of 2 

Lethbridge, AB


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